About Sandra’s Holistic Kitchen

What is holistic nutrition?

Holistic nutrition is described as looking at a person as a whole – attempting to bring balance to all areas of the person’s life by observing dietary intake, supplements and lifestyle.


Hi, I’m Sandra and I am a Certified Holistic Nutritionist with the School of Natural Health Sciences.

Welcome to Sandra’s Holistic Kitchen, my recipe blog where I celebrate my passion for good food. The philosophy of Sandra’s Holistic Kitchen is the emphasis on wholesome and fresh food, flavourful and easy meals whilst never forgetting that food should be pleasurable.

As a French national, I have always had a passion for food, cooking it and eating it! But in recent years, I have developed a passion for the healing powers of food and its effects on the body and mind.

Why I do not diet?

I have struggled with my weight for most of my adult life, but never more so than since I gave birth to my son in 2002. I tried a host of fad diets, lost some weight but then, put it back on and then some.


Once I discovered the concept of Holistic Nutrition, my relationship with my body and my weight started to change. I focused on fresh food, cooked from scratch (and even grown by me, if at all possible.) I paid attention to my portion sizes and more importantly, I realised that NO food should be forbidden. I also became more active and started caring for my mental wellness thanks to yoga and meditation.


I started losing weight once I stopped dieting.

I hope to inspire you through simple lifestyle and dietary changes that will last you for a lifetime and will get you on your way to a better and healthier you!


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