Yum! Festival of Food and Drink 2014 (part 1)


The Yum! Festival of Food and Drink took place in Hull on the 7th, 8thand 9th of August. It was a showcase of local and regional food and drink producers, with stalls ranging from cheeses, breads, olives, honey and much, much more. And, as well as all those local goodies, there were many stalls inviting you to experience food from around the world.

I was invited to be part of a team of food bloggers that would attend and blog about the event. If you follow Sandra’s Holistic Kitchen on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, you will have seen a ton of shared info and links about some of the products I enjoyed (and their dedicated producers, of course J.)


However, I wanted to do a bit more about the Yum! Festival of Food and Drink as I spent a wonderful three days there as one of their bloggers, chatting with stall-holders and sampling gorgeous products. But, I wasn’t quite sure where to start as I had an abundance of information after three days.


And then I realised that, for me, the best way to start is always with a recipe (or two!)


The Yum! Festival provided us with great cooking demonstrations by local and regional chefs. I attended as many of those demonstrations as I could, to the point that the compère for those demonstrations, Darren Lethem (KCFM radio presenter – Find Darren on Twitter at http://twitter.com/DarrenLethem) started to wonder if I had a season pass! He started referring to me as “the resident blogger” and wanted to make sure I would mention on here that he wore very nice suits. I can report that he did indeed wear very nice suits! J


Darren was a fab compère for the event; he seemed to put all the chefs at ease and was good at asking relevant questions regarding their techniques or choice of ingredients. He also didn’t mind laughing at himself, especially when he was served a particularly spicy and fiery chicken wing!
Darren Lethem, host of the Yum! cooking demonstrations.


I really enjoyed these demonstrations and appreciated these chefs sharing their recipes, tips and techniques with us. So, in what I hope is the first blog in a series dedicated to what I discovered at the Yum! Festival of Food and Drink 2014, I am sharing with you two recipes today: Thieving Harry’s sausage roll and Stanley’s Brasserie’s Louisiana slaw.




Thieving Harry’s Sausage Roll:

Thieving Harry’s.


After being a pop-up café, Thieving Harry’s is now placing roots at 73 Humber Street in Hull. Thieving Harry’s focuses on great food, speciality coffee, tea and freshly baked cakes and savouries, all served in a welcoming environment with some of the best views in Hull.


Find more about Thieving Harry’s on:


Holly, Thieving Harry’s chef, gave a great demonstration and she gave us the recipe with measurements, which in my eyes makes her my hero!! Most of the other chefs had a tendency to throw ingredients in their pans without measuring too much, which is difficult when, as a blogger, you’re trying to write the recipe down to replicate it at home!

Holly, from Thieving Harry’s, during her cooking demonstration.



I halved Holly’s recipe to make it “easier to handle.” But, seeing as my son moaned about the fact that we had only enough sausage roll for two meals (ONLY!), I think I should have kept the original quantities as they were! J


Ingredients (for the pastry dough):


175g plain flour
100g very cold butter
2-3tbsp very cold water




In a large mixing bowl, measure out the flour. Then, using a box grater, grate the very cold butter into the flour. To make this easier, toss the butter in the flour first – ensuring it is well coated with the flour – before grating it.


Add the very cold water, one spoonful at a time, while mixing the pastry dough with a palette knife (this stops the butter from melting under the heat of your hands.) You may need more or less water – it all depends on your flour – so make sure to add it only a little bit at a time to avoid making your pastry dough too wet.


Once the dough starts coming together, tip it on a well-floured surface and quickly shape it into a rectangular block. Wrap in clingfilm and put in the fridge to chill while you prepare the sausage mix.


Ingredients (for the sausage mix):


750g sausage meat (if you cannot find plain sausage meat, buy some of your favourite sausages and simply pop the sausage meat out of the casings)
¼ onion, finely diced
2-3 sage leaves, finely sliced
40g parmesan, grated




Mix all the ingredients together in a large mixing bowl (make sure the sage and onion are finely chopped.)




To make the sausage roll, preheat your oven at 200C/180C fan.


On a well floured surface, roll out your pastry into a long rectangle. Using a pastry brush, cover the whole pastry rectangle with some egg wash (which is simply one egg beaten with 1tbsp of water.) Lay the sausage meat on top of the pastry and shape it in a long log in the middle of the pastry rectangle. Fold the pastry over the sausage meat.


Roll in the flour to seal the pastry around the sausage meat. You can either cut the large sausage roll into smaller portions or bake it as a whole. Regardless of the method you choose (I chose to bake it as a whole,) brush some egg wash on top of the pastry dough and then sprinkle with a little rock salt.


Bake for 45 minutes until golden brown on top. If you have baked the large sausage roll, leave it to cool for a few minutes before slicing. The sausage roll can be enjoyed hot or cold.


My Thieving Harry’s sausage roll.





Stanley’s Brasserie’s Louisiana Slaw:

Stanley’s Brasserie


Stanley’s Brasserie can be found at 2 Paragon square in Hull. Stanley’s Brasserie offers the finest food, drink and surroundings for all occasions and for all of customers no matter what age.

Find more about Stanley’s Brasserie on:

Internet: http://www.stanleysbrasserie.co.uk/
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/stanleys.brasserie

 James, the chef from Stanley’s Brasserie shared his recipe for a Louisiana slaw with us. During his cooking demonstration, he served it with a brisket sandwich but I thought it would work wonderfully with the richness of the sausage roll. James didn’t give precise measurements so I’ve had to work out the right amount of ingredients; this will serve four people.

James, from Stanley’s Brasserie, during his cooking demonstration.





½ red cabbage, thinly sliced
1 green pepper, thinly sliced
½ green chilli, finely chopped
1 clove of garlic, minced (James used Chinese garlic)
2 pickled gherkins, finely diced
½ red onion, finely sliced in half-moons
4tbsp vinegar (James used malt vinegar, I used apple cider vinegar)
2tbsp mayonnaise (for my home-made mayonnaise recipe, please see the following blog entry: http://stranmernutrition.blogspot.co.uk/2014/05/weekend-focus-how-to-use-leftovers-of.html)




In large mixing bowl, mix together all the vegetables then add the vinegar and mayonnaise. Toss to ensure all the vegetables are coated with the dressing.


Stanley’s Brasserie’s Louisiana slaw served with Thieving Harry’s sausage roll.



Thank you very much to Holly from Thieving Harry’s and James from Stanley’s Brasserie for sharing these wonderful recipes with us. There will be more in the next few days… Get ready for Stanley’s Brasserie’s Brisket Sandwich and Little Miss Meat-Free’s Beetroot Risotto.

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