Friday Focus: A day of food in the life of a Holistic Nutritionist

I was asked on another site I am a member of to share a sample menu of what I eat during an average day. I shall do so gladly JAlthough, I must admit that this week is not an average week; it is half-term and I have more time to spend in my kitchen so I think it might be useful to do this exercise again during a working day, maybe.

I will also share with you my recipe for a speedy and easy curry paste and I will address the issue of “treats” and baking, why I think that they have their place as part of a balanced nutrition and how, as a Holistic Nutritionist, I deal with having a sweet tooth and an all-consuming love of baking.


A day of Food in the life of a Holistic Nutritionist.



Greek yogurt with home-made almond and mixed berries granola (with a drizzle of honey.) With this breakfast, I drank a cup of home-made mocha.





Throughout the day, I will drink several cups of green or herbal tea and a few glasses of water (I will drink more water on the days I’m working out. I also tend to have a couple of snacks on the days I’m working out. My favourite snack is grapes or apple slices dipped in home-made almond butter – I do tend to lose all self-control around almond butter! J)





Chicken Curry served with couscous and home-made chapattis.


(This is an example of this not being an average week – I normally do not have the time to make my own chapattis to serve with a curry J)




As much as I like to use fresh spices and herbs to make my curry paste, sometimes I am too pushed for time and, at times like these, I have no scruples in getting most of my ingredients out of little jars and the recipe below is the perfect example of that, a speedy yet tasty curry paste.


Ingredients and method:


2 garlic cloves


¼ tsp organic sea salt


          Mash the garlic and salt together in a pestle and mortar until the garlic has turned into a smooth paste. Then add the following ingredients:


½ tsp ground ginger


1/8 tsp cayenne pepper


1tsp smoked paprika


1tsp Garam Masala


1/8 tsp crushed chilli flakes


½ tsp ground coriander


1tsp desiccated coconut


2tsp ground almonds


½ tsp cumin


½ tsp turmeric


2tbsp olive oil


          Mix all the ingredients together thoroughly until you obtain a smooth paste. To make your curry, fry bite-size chunks of chicken in a little olive oil. Add your curry paste to the chicken and cook for a minute. Add half a tin of coconut milk and cook for a further 15 minutes stirring often. Serve with rice or couscous.




Curried Butternut Squash soup




Apple Pie


Having this dessert as part of my menu for the day gives me the opportunity to address the issue of “treats” and baking. I truly think they have their place as part of a balanced nutrition. I do not believe in making any food “forbidden,” as I think it is a sure-fire way of creating intense cravings for those foods. Yes, you will stay away from them… For a while. But as no-one has unlimited amount of will-power, you will end up putting yourself in a situation where you will break down, binge on the forbidden food and beat yourself up over it later. Whereas if every single food is allowed, you avoid this scenario altogether.


This, however, does not mean that I condone eating chocolate cake at every meal!! Treats are all good and well, but they should be occasional.


I have a very sweet tooth and I love baking so how do I keep the equilibrium in my Holistic Kitchen? I have made a deal with myself that, if I want to eat something sweet, I have to make it myself. Very often, you will find that the idea of having to prepare and bake a sweet treat and then having to deal with the washing-up will often put you off your sweet craving. I also try to restrict my baking to the weekend and that, for me, makes it really special – a true treat J


I love having plenty of free time to spend in my kitchen so I can take pleasure in the process of baking and enjoy the smells coming out of my oven. It is also the perfect opportunity to tackle new and more complicated recipes, or take up the challenge of making an old, favourite recipe healthier. The treat for me is in the preparing as much as the eating J





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