Quick meals, badly-behaved meals… And a toad!

1) It’s a busy day: you only have 5 minutes to make and eat (hoover up!) your meal or you’ve been food shopping whilst hungry, you’re going home and if you don’t get any food NOW, you’re going to take a bite out of the cat!

For such times, when you have nothing prepared in advance and there is NO WAY you can spend 1 hour prepping your veggies, etc and cooking your meal, here are a couple of ideas that save the day when time is in short supply.

– Slice an avocado + open a tin of sardines in tomato sauce. It doesn’t look pretty but it sure hits the spot:

– Slice an avocado (do I detect a pattern?) + slice a couple of tomatoes + slice a ball of mozzarella. Don’t even bother with a dressing! squeeze some lemon juice on, drizzle a little olive oil and, if you can bear it a little longer, sprinkle salt, pepper and thyme. Done! Eat!


2) You’re really craving comfort food but your favourite, butternut squash risotto, is out of bound because rice is frowned upon when one’s on a Paleo challenge.

Fear not! Here comes Bacon and Butternut squash risotto (made with cauliflower rice):

3) You see a lovely recipe for Pineapple Upside-Down Pancakes but you can’t have it because proper pancakes made with flour are frowned upon when one’s on a Paleo challenge…. Wait…. Do I detect a pattern?

Fear not! Find a recipe for Paleo pancakes and swap them for the real pancakes of the recipe!
Well, actually DO FEAR!!! Pancakes made with almond flour do not behave the same way as traditional pancakes. I’d even go as far as saying that they behave very badly indeed!

They’re edible, they’re even quite nice but they won’t win any beauty contest:


 4) Whatever you do, do not eat a toad…. No matter how hungry you are. But if you come across one in your garden, gently nudge it out of harm’s way (I am lethal with a rake!), apologise profusely for disturbing it and snap a few pics!



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